Don't Panic As We Have No Man's Sky's Guide To The Galaxy

No Man's Sky

Another roundup trailer for No Man's Sky has been released and it sums up the four basic pillars of No Man's Sky in one solid place before launch

Only a few days until No Man's Sky finally hits the PS4 and PC and I know many of you can't wait. Hells, there are people out there paying obscene amounts of money to play what Hello Games has built for us all because they can't wait. Kind of crazy to think but none the less No Man's Sky still launches this coming Tuesday and we still have some more to see for this procedurally generated title. A title that is still only stated to last 20 to 30 hours even though it was originally claimed to have so many options there wasn't a finite duration. I guess we'll all find out next week.

If by some rhyme or reason you have not been on top of all of the No Man's Sky news and videos though, we have a new one here. In this case it is a collaboration of the four other videos that showed off the games main gameplay pillars and mechanics. We covered them in the past but now we have all of them in one solid place and in one super-cut of the trailers. Just in case you were freaking out that you didn't know what the game was all about already. As if given all of the hype that has been built around it for seemingly no reason up until just recently.

No Man's Sky — Pillar Roundup

The different pillars of No Man's Sky's gameplay are not fully explained here but are shown off. Here are some better descriptions form Hello Games on just what to expect in the game after launch. At least in terms of the four main gameplay points that we will all get to experience.


There are 18 Quintilian planets in the game. Even if each planet was visited at a rate of one per second, it would take five billion years to explore them all – by which the Sun in our solar system would have burnt out, essentially giving the game a near infinite number of worlds to explore!

To help guide players through such a vast number of locations No Man's Sky has an overarching goal of reaching the center of the universe, where there are more bountiful resources and more challenging locations to discover. This, however, is just a guide, and players are free to explore the game however they like.


On a planet, players are equipped with a multi-tool to defend against deadly predator creatures and mine resources. Attacking creatures – aggressive or otherwise – or mining resources will call the attention of the Sentinels, a robotic force who seeks to keep each planet in a natural, undisturbed state. The more you fight back against the Sentinels, the higher your Wanted level, and the tougher they will become – from flying drones to quadrupedal machines, towering walkers and eventually drop-ships.

Space is also patrolled by the Sentinels, so attacking traders for their valuable goods or scavenging resources from freighters will also see you gaining a Wanted level, with Sentinel police ships coming to defend the natural order.

It’s not just the Sentinels who you need to beware of in space – pirates will swoop on the unwary, requiring you to evade and escape or fight back to defend your cargo.


Resources are a vital part of exploration, trading and survival. No Man's Sky has its own periodic table of elements – some familiar to our world, some new and unknown – and each one is used in different ways. Some can be used to craft new items and weapons once the player has learnt the technology.

While planets might be unexplored, they aren’t necessarily uninhabited. Alien races have their own distinct languages, which can be learned a word at a time at ancient structures or through conversing with the aliens themselves. Unlock their vocabulary and your chance of a successful interaction increases, raising your standing with them.

Common resources on one planet could be scarce in another – mining on one planet to sell on another can be a lucrative trade. Players can also craft Products from resources, which can be sold for higher prices – discover a certain race’s preferred Product and you can make a living from supplying them.


While some planets are beautiful and serene, many have extreme conditions that make survival difficult. Some planets will have extreme temperatures – from freezing lows to scorching highs – while others are drenched in toxic rain, heavily irradiated or completely submerged.

For the unprepared, surviving on planets with extremes will be a challenge. Every second spent exposed in the elements will chip away at your protective shielding, which can be restored by taking shelter or expending resources to recharge it. By upgrading your suit’s technologies, you can survive harsh climates for longer, run faster, jump higher and explore for longer.

Whether you die under the claws of a creature, by the lasers of a space pirate or just succumb to the elements, death will have a real impact on your progress. Resources will be lost and technology damaged as your body is regenerated at your last save point, so make sure to put up a fight!

Are you fully ready for No Man's Sky to release next week? Do you have a better understanding of the four basic pillars of the game based on this and the other trailers or will the proof be in the gameplay? Do you think that the game will hold up to the hype or will it fall flat? Let us know what you are thinking and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on No Man's Sky as it comes, be sure to stay right here as we will keep bringing you everything that we can for the game as it comes out. Hopefully there will be much more.