Tom Clancy's The Division Is Officially Getting A Film Now Too

The Division

Rumors of The Division getting a full length feature film have been put to rest as The Division is now officially getting the film treatment for us all

The rumors from last month look to have now been confirmed as we are now getting a feature film based on The Division. Just what everyone wanted out the MMO-like title that Ubisoft pumped out to us earlier this year…I think. In the end it looks like with the successful completion of their other film titles based on their game IPs, they wanted to make sure we all had more of The Division than just DLC and expansion that are already planned. At least that is how they have been approaching everything from Assassin's Creed to Watch Dogs lately.

Currently the information on The Division's film adaptation are sparse but it is coming. Coming and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain as the protagonists of the film's story. I'm going to assume that they are only going to loosely follow the story of the game for now but maybe they will use what we already know and love and make it better. Most likely not though… I guess we'll have to wait and see once everything officially goes into production and we move on from just knowing that the companies are going to put them into production soon.

Here is exactly what is known for The Division film thus far. Brace yourself for a really short announcement thus far…

The Division Film Announced, Jessica Chastain And Jake Gyllenhaal To Star

The Division is coming to the big screen, and no, we’re not talking about that time you ran the Falcon Lost Incursion on your buddy’s projector. The battle to restore order to Manhattan is being made into a movie by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, and will star Jessica Chastain (Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty) and Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch, Nightcrawler).

In addition to starring in the film, both Chastain and Gyllenhaal will be a part of the development process through their production companies, Freckle Films and Nine Stories, respectively. The pandemic-stricken streets of The Division are filled with countless stories of love, loss, treachery, and heroism, but we’ll have to wait to find out what avenues the film will explore.

Do you think that The Division needed to be made into a feature length film or is this just a grab for more cash from the IP? Do you think that the team here is going to make something we all want or just fall flat? Do you think that Ubisoft should have waited to see how well Assassin' Creed does before green-lighting another film? Let us know what you are thinking and feel free to discuss in the comments below. As we get more on The Division in all of its forms we will have it up here. Be sure to stay tuned into the site here so you don't miss out on a single tidbit.