Get To Know Your Anti-Heroes Of Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

Another behind the scenes for Watch Dogs 2 has been released and this time we get to meet the main cast of Watch Dogs 2 in person and in their virtual world

We've had a whole lot of Watch Dogs 2 stuff come out since the initial announcement and then the showing during E3. A lot of the new location and gear that we will get to use to destroy the world that Ubisoft has built up for us all. Generally, the only thing a lot of you out there care about but we need to remember again that Watch Dogs 2 is a story game of sorts. Or at least there will be a story mixed in there among all of the cyber-crime we will be doing in the guise of "the greater good." I know I lose sight of that sometimes.

Due to all of that I guess it is good that we have a new behind the scenes video for Watch Dogs 2 that focuses just on that a bit more. At least in terms of the new characters and buddies we will be fighting alongside in the game. They are more than cool looking tools that may have some good AI attached to them and now is the time to have a look. Well at least a look at Marcus and the team of DedSec characters in San Francisco where the game takes place. It is a bigger world out there but this is the main focus so it makes sense that this is all we get to know. Maybe in further games we'll get to see more "players." in the grand scheme.

Watch Dogs 2 is still slated for a November 15th release date for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The multiplayer aspect has only been touched on slightly as of late but it does look like we are going to get a well-rounded story than we had before. At least for those who didn't find everything all that intriguing the first time around. I just hope they keep up with all of the promotional materials we have been given and they don't fall flat like Watch Dogs did based on everything early in the game's announcement. So far so good…

Watch Dogs 2 — Meet Marcus & DedSec

What are your thoughts on the Watch Dogs 2 characters that we have here? So they look like characters you will care about and want to spend hours with or just tools that we will use and forget? Do you think that the visual fidelity will be upheld for the whole cycle of the game or will it be downgraded now that the hype has been built? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For all things Watch Dogs 2 be sure to stay right here as we will keep bringing you more on the game as we head toward the release date. Not much longer now.