Let's All Get Immersed In The Gameplay Of Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

New Battlefield 1 gameplay has been shared out of the closed alpha and it shows just how immersive Battlefield 1 will be

Last week we had a nice long look at Battlefield 1's domination mode in action right from the closed alpha test that EA has going on right now. It looked a bit on the lower end of the scale that we all know that DICE can produce for us. At least it did to me and it made me think what we would see on the PS4 and Xbox One for Battlefield 1 was going to be even worse. All of this being based on the PC footage here and October 21st truly isn't that far off when you get into the nitty gritty here. Even an asset swap could take a longer time than that.

Thankfully my interest for Battlefield 1 has been spiked back up as we have some new footage of the game that shows off just a bit more of the game as well as how amazing it could look in action. It also shows off quite a few extra aspects of the game that we didn't see before and that is all of the different "immersion" tactics that are being used to put us all back in World War I. Although I hold issue with the gas masks here I know the choice of style comes down to ease of gameplay and not the long time it should take to put one on and take one off. It's just not something that can be done on the fly to keep the action flowing.

Battlefield 1 — Immerse

I do love that we get to see some of the dog fights in Battlefield 1 as well as a glimpse of being able to fly a zeppelin. Although it only looks that way and there was sign of actual control. It was all in first person so it is easy to assume but at least we get to see what taking one down in a live game will look like. Hopefully the blockiness of the flames are based on Battlefield 1 being in alpha test right now but we'll most likely have to sit and wait. Until then we'll just keep stabbing snipers with bayonets…

What do you think of the new Battlefield 1 we have here? Does this live up to your expectations of visual quality? How do you think flying the zeppelins around will look and feel in the final game? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. For more on Battlefield 1 as it all comes, be sure to stay right here on the site. As we get more, you'll get more and you won't want to left behind wondering what is going on now would you?