Ibuki Is Back As The Next Street Fighter V DLC Character

Street Fighter

The next DLC character for Street Fighter V has been announced and shown off as Ibuki joins the ranks of Street Fighter V combatants

The next character DLC for Street Fighter V is here and it looks like another blast from the past is joining the ranks. It looks like Capcom went back into the old bin of characters from the expanded roster of the third game and is now bringing us Ibuki to yet another title. She was in Street Fighter IV if memory serves but that doesn't matter as this ninja school girl is coming back and getting a bit of an upgrade to all of the old school tricks she had before. Get ready to be trolled here…

As was easy to assume, Ibuki will be bringing back the kunais she is known for as well as all of the ninjitsu training she's been working on since Street Fighter III: New Generation. Also in the mix is her new V-Trigger that allows her to throw out a slow burning and fast burning bomb during combos to blast her opponent back up to keep the string going. That is where things look to get annoying for us when on the receiving end but hopefully Capcom worked out the issues with stinging the combos on for an entire match without being able to break them.

Have a look at Ibuki in action for Street Fighter V just below and get ready to pick up the new DLC. Along with the new character to the game it looks like there will also be a new stage alternate. A very basic day time version of the Kanzuki Estate stage for those who are not eagle eyed enough to spot it in the following footage.

Street Fighter V — Ibuki

Are you glad to see Ibuki joining the cast of characters for Street Fighter V or were you hoping for a different character? Would you have preferred to see a completely new character added into the mix instead of a rehashed version of an older one? Do you think we will get better stage alternatives besides day and night? Let us know and feel free to discuss in the comments below. As we get more of the DLC characters and information for Street Fighter V we will have it here for you. Be sure to keep your eyes locked into the site so you can see them as they all come.