Star Trek Online Boldly Goes Toward Consoles This Fall

Star Trek

Long running Star Trek Online MMO is now heading to the PS4 and Xbox One so more players can experience the Star Trek free-to-play title

It's only been about six months in the waiting but now it looks like Star Trek Online is making the voyage to the PS4 and Xbox One. This is something that Perfect World and Cryptic had in the cards since the consoles that could handle the game's engine popped up and we will be seeing it again this Fall. As an added bonus here too, Star Trek Online will also be keeping its Free-To-Play model during the leap so there will be no worry about having to shell out for a game here to play a massive version of "catch up."

It does seem a bit odd that it took this long for Star Trek Online to try and make the jump over to the console world but given the controls and UI of the PC version I think it is safe to say that we can blame it on that. From what I remember there was a whole lot going on that making a move over to a standard controller would be a nightmare. Not to mention that the game's engine wasn't directly built with the port in mind as many of the current ones are. But rest assured that the team over there has taken their time to make the move as easy as they could.

Star Trek Online — Console Announcement

Sadly as of right now though there isn't much more on the Star Trek Online console version from there. No word if characters will be able to be moved over or even if all three platforms will be able to play together in one harmonious universe. That would be ideal given the core concepts in the game's lore but technology and business will always get in the way of that. None the less you can look forward to boldly going where console games have not gone before here soon. If Fall of this year is considered soon for you.

What are your thoughts on Star Trek Online making the jump to consoles now? Is a six year run on the PC a bit of a huge gap for this to even be viable outside of the insane hard core fans? Do you think all versions will play together or will there be multiple servers to handle each platform in their own "universe?" Let us know and discuss as you wish in the comments below. For more on Star Trek Online and as it progresses further be sure to keep your eyes glued here. We do love some glued eyes on the screen.