We'll Be Going Postal Soon With Postal Redux On PC Then Console


A new trailer for Postal Redux has surfaced as well as a release date for when we will all be going Postal on all of the platforms the HD remaster is heading to

We caught wind that Postal Redux was going to be a thing not too long ago. The iconic shooter from so long ago is getting another chance in the light thanks to Running With Scissors bringing the title back to PC and then to PS4. Until now there was no word other than the ambiguous Spring of 2016 for the Postal Redux release on PC. Thankfully now we can state that the game is launching via Steam on May 20th. Still kind of Spring-ish right? Sadly the PS4 version of the game is still only slated before the end of the year.

With the release date announcement for Postal Redux we have some new gameplay footage to look at to get us all ready for it. Not to mention word of a new challenge mode called Rampage but for now we get to see what was so enthralling almost two decades ago when it came to our video games. Such a long time to have passed but I think this new generation is ready for it. At least I would like to hope that they are all ready for it…

Postal Redux — Launch Trailer

Maybe you saw it or maybe you didn't. Postal Redux plays a lot like another title that received a whole lot of flak for just existing; Hatred. Of course here we have a game that is a remaster of something hailed and praised in the gaming community even though the gameplay and concept is pretty much the same. Is the nostalgia playing a factor in the lack of outcry of the violence here? I have a sneaking feeling that it is. Not so much sneaking but a solid feeling to be honest.

Of course all of that said, I have no issue with either title out there and look forward to getting to see how Running With Scissors did with the remaster here with Postal Redux. I just kind of find it hilarious that as a community gamers will condemn one new title for the same actions that an older title once took to be "edgy" and amazing. Granted Hatred had its own other issues that I am sure we will not see in the upcoming release of Postal Redux. At least if they did their work over the last 20 years since it first released.

Are you hyped to see Postal Redux hit the PC here soon? Do you think it is funny that there is no outcry of negativity for the game here given what happened no more than a year ago with others? When do you think it will hit the PS4? Let us know what you think and discuss in the comments below. For more on Postal Redux and any updates that are coming be sure to stay right here as we will give them all out as soon as we get more.