This Week In Video Games 5/2/16 — 5/6/16

Video Games

A Lot Has Gone On This Week. Here's A Recap Of What We Covered In Video Games

Such an amazing week in video games this one has been. We started off with the announcement of a new Call Of Duty title and then ended with the announcement of Battlefield 1. All with a bit of Dishonored 2 mixed in and the start of the mad rush to get all of these reviews out to you all. We need an extra 30 hours to get to all the video games this week and even then I don't think we would have enough time. We are not even in any kind of convention season so we can only imagine how crazy all of that will be.

In terms of the site here we still have four solid reviews we have to work on for you so you can be well informed on all of your video games here. Some of them I can't get into and some of them I want to leave as a surprise so we can go from there. None the less we had a whole lot to go with without all of those other reviews still in the chamber. Video games are almost just falling from the sky and we are trying to stay afloat with all of the news and updates for you. We're small but fierce of course so be on the lookout…

Here's a nice list of all of the video games we were able to cover this week for you. Pick and choose or read them all. There are plenty of tidbits and information for you to ingest so please do so. Until next week. Happy Gaming All!