Battle Responsibly With Paragon's New Hero GRIM.exe


Another fun hero for Paragon is joining in and this one urges you to join the battles of Paragon in a responsible manner…of sorts

Just in case you were sitting around and thinking that there were not enough heroes in the mix of Paragon it looks like we are getting one more added in here. GRIM.exe is the next big hero that Epic Games is adding in with their next big update on May 10th for us all and it looks just as deadly as it is humorous. Just the way things seemed to have progressed in Paragon since their very serious looking marketing campaign back when things were first announced. They do need to keep players coming back to the game on their PS4s and PCs right?

As with all of the hero announcements you can see a new trailer showcasing how this robot rolls in Paragon; although it isn't just a robot. It is a robot being controlled by an imp to bring devastation to all other players out there. This is a sentry robot with a huge pulse cannon after all so it should do some devastating things in the world. It also helps to explain the name more than anything too.

Paragon — GRIM.exe

As you've hopefully seen, it looks like GRIM.exe brings a new set of attacks to Paragon here. Not only with the shotgun-like weapon but it also has a shield, can slow enemies, and knock them all back. Also there is a homing rocket of sorts that will fly through anything to hit its target. Anything other than other heroes on the map but that does mean it will go through all kinds of other objects to make sure you get the kill. Isn't that a little on the overpowered sounding side?

Now that you've seen GRIM.exe here for Paragon, tell us what you think? Does this ranger type character look to be your next "main" in the game or just another target to kill? Do you see that homing missile becoming overpowered or do you think that Epic has taken the time to make sure that it will be balanced? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. For more on Paragon and all of the new heroes that are coming be sure to stay right here to make sure you have all of the most up to date news.