It's Time To Find Your True Love In King's Quest 3rd Episode

King's Quest

The third episode of King’s Quest is now out and we have the latest trailer to show you all of the madness that we will get into in this episode of King's Quest

We all knew before now that the latest episode of King's Quest was going to be on the romantic comedy side of things. This of course was all based on the early screenshots that The Odd Gentlemen put out there with a basic description. Now we have a nice new trailer for the new episode of King's Quest and we can see just how far on that side of things the team has taken the famed Sierra title. Spoiler alert, it looks like they went extremely over on that side of things…

The new episode released out yesterday worldwide and fans of King's Quest have already been digesting it; myself included. For all of those hold outs or those waiting to get the full game then let me introduce you to the new trailer for the episode where all of the fairy tale romance tropes are through out there. Everything from the hero showing up to rescue his true love down to the more modern "this damsel isn't in distress but really is because of story" aspect of things. All of those great things women have been railing against for a while now.

I won't go into any more detail on what we have here for King's Quest to ensure I don't spoil anything for you. You can view the new trailer just below or go out and pick up the entire season of the episodic adventure right now. Or if you want just this episode as the story is kind of non-dependent on the whole to have a good time with the game. Although it kind of is for certain points but now we are nitpicking again on what The Odd Gentlemen have crafted for us all.

King's Quest — Once Upon A Climb

Does this new episode of King's Quest look like the one that will finally bring you in? What are your thoughts on the now standard use of the damsel not-so-in-distress aspect in current fairy tales here? Are you curious on why they just can't save themselves and not need the hero outside of being part of the story? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and discuss. For more on King's Quest and all of its episodes be sure to stay right here as we will keep bring you all of the news.