Witness The Real Future That LawBreakers Is Bringing Us


Another gameplay trailer for LawBreakers has landed and it shows off the game's theme as well as gives news of LawBreakers having an alpha test

Here we go with another trailer for LawBreakers and this time it shows more than just gameplay it shows off a bit of the game's tone that Boss Key Productions is trying to go for. A tone that is quite similar to another title that the game's director gave us a while back. No I am not talking about Gears Of War here at all but LawBreakers has a lot of the same feel as Bulletstorm but that is just my observation on this PC title. I could be off…

None the less, the latest trailer shows off some of the insanely fast and hyperactive gameplay of LawBreakers. There are people exploding in glorious blood and language mixed in to shock all of those sensitive gamers out there who would most likely never pick this game up. Are we not able to move on from flooding a game with the word "Fuck" for shock value and to seem edgy? Apparently not and it looks like this game will be filled with it again…just like Bulletsotrm

LawBreakers — Between Our Guns

In addition to the latest trailer for LawBreakers there is also the announcement that there is going to be an alpha test for the game. Most likely a beta test too; but as of right now we are only in the alpha test phase. If you want to sign up for a chance to be able to play the game in a not-so-finished place you can head over to the official LawBreakers website and put your name in for a chance. There is now word on when that will kick off but you can sit back and know that it is coming.

What are your feelings about the latest LawBreakers trailer here? Are you shocked by the over use of the word "Fuck" to seem edgy here? Does this game look to be all that different from all of the other games that are attached to the director's big name? Let us know what you are thinking and discuss away in the comments below. For more on LawBreakers and all of the testing that will ensue, be sure to stay right here as we will bring it all to you as soon as we can.