7 Days To Die Coming To Consoles From Telltale Publishing

7 Days To Die

7 Days To Die is making its way over to the consoles this June from Telltale and it looks like 7 Days To Die is the start of a new program from the publisher

Looks like another blast from the past game, 7 Days To Die, is going to be heading to the PS4 and Xbox One here. This would be the Survival Horde Crafting title that was built by indie developer The Fun Pimps that only saw the light of day on the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms. Telltale Publishing couldn't have that be so now they are bringing 7 Days To Die to a bigger audience to help destroy the current sales of 1.5 million gamers to most likely a whole lot more. Given the publishers track record and all…

Of course this isn't going to be just some basic port from the old version to the new platforms though. While there is no solid word on any graphical improvements I think we can assume the basics. What will be interesting is that 7 Days To Die will be getting a new multiplayer mode that supports local split-screen and a few new online multiplayer modes to boot. Not only that but there are plans to keep rolling out with future DLC but there is still no word on any of that as it is still on the early side of the release announcement.

7 Days To Die — Trailer

7 Days To Die — Burning Zombies 7 Days To Die — Forest 7 Days To Die — Perishton 7 Days To Die — Snow

To go one step further it looks like 7 Days To Die will be getting a bit of the Telltale flare added in. As it is a Zombie game and the publisher is known for The Walking Dead franchise among others; we will be getting five character skins based on that IP as well. Two of which have been named as Michonne and Lee Everett. I think it is safe to assume the other big roles in the game will also be included but as usual we are going to have to wait. At least that won't be too long as 7 Days To Die is now slated for a June release.

Did you have a chance to play 7 Days To Die the first time around? Is this the title that you thought the Telltale Publishing was teasing before the official word? What other character skins do you think we will be getting once the console version launches? Let us know and discuss your thoughts in the comments below. For more on 7 Days To Die and other video games like it be sure to stick around right here for more. We all know there will be more and more coming soon.