NightCry Is Looking To Terrify Sometime This Spring


After a nice little alpha demo of NightCry it looks like the development team is prepping for a Spring release for NightCry on the PC

Last year we were able to see that NightCry was funded and in the works from Nude Maker studios. There was a lot of rejoice as many, myself included, loved the Clock Tower games that this was game was going to be building off even if it wasn't a direct sequel. As Kickstarter campaigns go of course we were all updated with a few things during the time of success and now and if some of those backers had been keeping a close eye they would have seen a nice little alpha slice of NightCry to have been played all last month.

It looks like things went well and the feedback that was given was helpful as it looks like the PC build of NightCry is now well on its way to release in the next few months. According to the most recent update on the campaign the team is looking at a Spring 2016 release for the game so it looks like sometime in the next few months we will get to see how the story progresses out of the alpha as well if the game is going to be worthy to build more or to be ported out to other platforms. I am personally hoping on both but I guess we'll see when NightCry finally comes.

If you are looking to see how well it has progressed since the last video we saw, here's a new video of the horror that is being crafted just for NightCry. It looks worlds better than it did before.

NightCry — True Horror Cuts Deep

February has now come to a close, and the period for downloading the alpha demo version that was made available midway through the month is over. We are thrilled that so many people downloaded the alpha demo and would like to thank you again for the feedback you posted in the forums. Every day, we are making adjustments while referencing your opinions.

Having played the alpha demo, you might be eager to find out what happens next! Of course, we can't reveal any specific details, but we would like to share with you a trailer as we steadily move closer towards completion.

Thanks to your support, the PC version of NightCry has been confirmed for release this spring, 2016. We are nearly there, so please stay tuned for further updates!

What do you think about NightCry's progression up to now? Does it look like the game is going to be a success to the point that we see more or at least get this title on more platforms and in the eyes of more gamers? Did you get a chance to play the demo last month and are aching to see where NightCry goes from there? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. As this game is on our radar we will do our best to update you with more as Nude Maker hands it out. For that and more keep your browser locked into the site.