Go Deeper Into The Wastes Of Conan Exiles With The Developers

Conan Exiles

A new developer diary for Conan Exiles has been released and the team goes over some of the core mechanics of Conan Exiles and offer a new look

Not that long ago now we had our first look at Conan Exiles as it has been in the works and under wraps for a while now. I am surprised that Funcom was able to keep the buzz and rumors down as long as they did. Now that things are in full swing for Conan Exiles though it is time to sit back and dive into what the developers are going to let us know about the game before it finally hits the Xbox One, PC, and PS4. So much to know and only a medium amount of time to show off everything for Conan Exiles.

Well it looks like I first form of updates for Conan Exiles has come and in the way of a developer diary right from their mouths. Sadly though it doesn't look like much more than what we've already been told is added into the mix. You just get to hear about Conan Exiles in video form now instead of reading about the information. That being that Conan Exiles is an open-world multiplayer experience that allows you to become the next Conan of sorts. Also that it can be taken offline for solo play but it all still comes down to rebuilding your empire.

Conan Exiles — An Introduction To Conan Exiles

I won't deny that the intro for Conan Exiles that Funcom speaks of here is amazing. It doesn't really give us much more to go on but the fact that we will have Conan charge us with doing what he has already done is kind of a cool thing. I am interested to see how the empire building and settlement building aspects of the game will be handled though. The description given here and the few stills hint at us being able to truly shape the world of Conan Exiles to the point of digging and building our own monumentous locations. How that would be pulled off in a sandbox like this is a little out of scope there so I may be thinking too grand scheme for Conan Exiles based on that.

It would be interesting if we actually could get all of our tribe in Conan Exiles to dominate a mountain and then be allowed to carve the cliff-sides and caves to match whatever our heart's desire is. That of course would require some world building tools for the end users in Conan Exiles but if they could pull that off I easily see this game bringing the franchise back from the dropped Age Of Conan. Dropped in terms of memory and user base and not cancelation by Funcom of course.

Conan Exiles — Screenshot Conan Exiles — Screenshot Conan Exiles — Screenshot

What are your thoughts on Conan Exiles now that you have these very few extra nuggets of intel? Do you think the same way I do on the world building or is it way off base? Do you see Conan Exiles as being just another MMO with fancy terms thrown around to make us not think that way? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. As Funcom gives us more on Conan Exiles we will update you on the site here. Stay tuned in for more as I hope it will be in short order.