System Shock 3 Has Been Officially Announced Now

System Shock 3

The official announcement of System Shock 3 has been made and now we can all look forward to System Shock 3 coming sometime in the future

Last week we had a possible tease and leak for System Shock 3. Now we have the full official announcement from Otherside Entertainment that they are indeed working on System Shock 3. Of course all of this is with a partnership with Night Dive Studios to lay anything else left open to rest. You can now sit back and wait for System Shock 3 and know that you are going to be facing off with SHODAN again in some manner or another. Happy days!

As with all announcements out there, things are still very sparse for System Shock 3 in terms of other news and updates. They are in the very early development process for the game right now so more will have to wait. As far as what is known for System Shock 3 is that we are getting some of the original team for System Shock and System Shock 2 to craft this new title. Also we are going to be hearing Terri Brosius back as the voice of SHODAN in System Shock 3. Keeping it real y'all.

If you can't wait more to hear how Terri will sound in System Shock 3 we do have a nice little sound clip that was meant to taunt those "hackers" who happened to uncover the announcement before Otherside Entertainment was ready to hand it out. It's short and sweet but the only other thing we have for System Shock 3 as there still is no word on platform at this stage; although their survey suggests PC, PS4, Mac, and/or Xbox One.

How happy are you now that you know System Shock 3 has been 100% announced? Where do you think that this sequel will take us in the grander scale of things for the franchise? Could they really have made a System Shock 3 without getting the main voice back in action? Let us know what you think and discuss away in the comments below. As more on System Shock 3 is revealed from Otherside Entertainment we will have it here for you so be sure to stay locked into the site for all of those updates.