Evolve Has Another Medic, Emet, On The Scene To Save The Hunters


The new medic character for Evolve, Emet, has been reveled and we can see what this bipolar robot will bring to Evolve in the way of healing

If you've been keeping up with Evolve then you most likely know that there are more hunters coming to the game and the next one looks to drop in on December 16th on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you haven't then it is time that you get to meet Emet who is the new medic that Turtle Rock Studios has crafted for Evolve. He looks like he can dish out the health as well as take it away just like every other medic out there only Emet here has more of an attitude I can personally get behind in Evolve. Got to love a bipolar robot…

Of course Emet comes with the normal accoutrements we know for medics in Evolve to date but of course he wouldn't be a new character without something that none of the other characters have. In this case it looks like Emet has "bullet replay" button like that in The Fifth Element where all the following shots fired go to where the first one landed. The other great addition for Emet here is that he can drop respawn points so other players don't need to wait for the drop ship to actually respawn. That is a nice little addition into the mix of Evolve that I know I've wanted in a medic besides them having to revive us.

Evolve — Emet

Here are Emet's special attacks in Evolve.

  • Replay Cannon — Emet fires a dart at a target and homing missiles fly in on the dart. The dart can be fired at wildlife, the monster or terrain.
  • Respawn Beacon — Emet deploys a beacon that respawns any dead allies after 30 seconds. The beacon can only be placed when an ally is dead, and when there is more than 30 seconds left on the dropship timer.
  • Healing Buoys — Deploy-able healing fields that regenerate health to any allies within 15 meters. When Emet uses his heal burst, any healing buoys active will also release a healing burst.
  • Healing Burst — Just like other Medics in Evolve

How do you feel about Emet here for Evolve? Does he look like a fun new addition or just really slight tweaks to the basic class so we don't see it as a new skin? What else do you think that Turtle Rock Studios has lined up for us with Evolve as we head into the next year? Let us know and comment away with all of your thoughts. If 2K Games has more to share with us on Evolve and any of the new characters/monsters that are coming we will have it here for you so be sure to stay tuned into the site for all of that.