The Park Will Be Haunting Consoles In Early 2016

The Park

Due to the success of The Park so far it looks like it has been decided that The Park will also be coming to the next gen consoles

With only a few weeks under its belt it looks like The Park has been a great success on the PC and now those who wanted to give it a go on the PS4 and Xbox One will have their turn soon. How soon? During the first few months of 2016 if Funcom has anything to say about it as that is what they are going to try and slate The Park for there. Why this wasn't done in the first place is anyone's guess but it look like gamers of all shapes, sizes, and preferences will have a chance to experience the psychological thriller that is The Park. Good news for all.

For the uneducated on The Park this is the small horror story that Funcom put together that takes place in, hopefully you guessed it, an amusement park. A mother has lost her child and for some reason she thinks that he went straight to the titular park here and got himself in trouble. Being a good mom she heads of to The Park in search and that is where all of the nasty and grimy sides of its history come to life to make hers a living hell. Who doesn't want to have a little more horror in their life? You know you do and now the consoles gamers of you can look forward to The Park.

The Park — Launch Trailer

"Encouraged by the positive reactions we have received on the Windows PC version, we are very excited about bringing it to consoles," says Funcom CEO Rui Casais. "Exploring a dark, sinister and frankly terrifying location from the comfort of your sofa, with the lights turned off and controller in hand, is sure to be a very rewarding experience."

It is worth noting again that The Park is labeled more as an experience instead of a video game before some of you get too excited. Funcom has been very upfront about that as well as the "shortness" of The Park. Then again P.T. was such a short experience when it was all boiled down and that seemed to blow minds with its simplicity. Just keep that in mind when you here short and "not really a game" in the future. Hopefully The Park will do just as well on the consoles if we can all take that into account before we pick it up.

As of right now The Park is slated for a console release during Q1 of 2016. No price point has been placed for it just yet but hopefully all of the above items will be taken into account to get more players experiencing The Park and not feeling like they wasted money. Even a good story can be priced over its bounds so please don't do that.

Are you glad to see The Park adding in other platforms for gamers? Do you think that console gamers can handle the experience more than a game? How much do you think Funcom will charge for The Park for the consoles? Do you think this will push more to go play The Secret World? Let us know and discuss away in the comments below. Once we get any further updates for The Park we will have them here for you so be sure to stay tuned in here for all of that as it is released.