More Screenshots To Compare Resident Evil 0 HD To The Original

Resident Evil 0

A new group of screenshots for Resident Evil 0 HD have been released so you care see how far the graphics have been improved over the original Resident Evil 0 version

Only a few more months until Resident Evil 0 HD is going to hit the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC and we need to see more on how the game has been redone to impress a new generation. With this generation's demand on graphics and Capcom working from the GameCube version of Resident Evil 0 it is going to be a trek indeed. Thankfull though it looks like things are progressing well given the latest set of screenshots that we have for Resident Evil 0 HD to look at. Thank the gods for things like this to make it easy.

By no means does Resident Evil 0 HD look like it is going to be a contender against any of the current AAA titles out there in terms of graphics but just based on the follwoing screenshots one can see the leaps and bounds it has taken over the original Resident Evil 0. I know I personally would have preferred a full remake of the game as other franchises have opted to do but I am glad to see that Resident Evil 0 HD isn't going to be basic eye-sore that other HD upgraded titles have been. Capcom has done the job well.

Have a look at all of the new screenshots we have for Resident Evil 0 HD and look forward to the game hitting on January 19th.

Slide left for original Resident Evil 0 and right for HD Updated Resident Evil 0.

Are you impressed with the HD upgrade that Resident Evil 0 has undergone here? Do you wish that Capcom would have just done a full remake of Resident Evil 0 instead of just doing an upgrade? Are you looking forward to this HD upgrade to be released? Let us know and discuss in the comments so we can all join in the fun of it all. I am sure these will not be the final bits we will see for Resident Evil 0 HD so be sure to keep checking back in for all of those as they are released out into the world.