Tales From The Borderlands' Season Finale Has A Date For Us All

Tales From The Borderlands

The final episode for Tales From The Borderlands has been dated and the first episode for Tales From The Borderlands has been made free for all

The time has come and that time is to bring us the end of the first season of Tales From The Borderlands. It's been one hell of a ride through the story driven world that Gearbox and Telltale Games have set up for us but it looks like the end is nigh. The final episode for Tales From The Borderlands will be hitting us on October 20th and we will be lost for a while as we wait for the second season, hopefully, to be announced and on its way. If only all good things didn't have to come to an end and Tales From The Borderlands was just an ongoing series with no limited number of episodes…

Along with the announcement of Tales From The Borderlands' fifth and final episode for season one also comes a new trailer and the announcement that the first episode of the season is completely free for everyone to enjoy no matter the platform. Now you'll have no excuse to give Telltale Games when they ask if you've played Tales From The Borderlands yet or not. Also a great way to entice more players to go all-in and buy the full season before or after October 20th hits. You really need to give it all a try. You won't be let down.

In case my words are not enough to get you to pick up the free episode of Tales From The Borderlands before it ends, here's a video of all the other "preferred media" outlets showering this extension of Gearbox's franchise with praise. One day we'll be in the mix of those accolades but until then have a look and a tease for Tales From The Borderlands' final episode near the end of the video here. I am sure there will be a full trailer as we get close to the October 20th release date here.

Tales From The Borderlands — Season Finale Sneak Peek

Are you at least as half as excited as I am to get to see how Tales From The Borderlands' first season is going to end? Is this what you've been holding out for so you can finally play the whole Telltale experience from start to end in one sitting? How well do you think it will stay open for a season two of Tales From The Borderlands? Let us know and discuss away as we lead into the final episode's release date. If anything gets updated or changes for Tales From The Borderlands we will have it right here for you so be sure to keep checking back to stay on top of everything.