Just How Big Will The Maps Be In Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

The third developer diary for Just Cause 3 has been released and this time it covers how large and tall the maps of Just Cause 3 will truly be

The short answer here is that Just Cause 3 will have a "gigantic" 400 square mile island for us to run around in the game. If that was all we had here there would really be no real reason for the update though. Thankfully there is more to it than just that and Avalanche Studios has gone out there way to show us how large that truly can be in Just Cause 3. Well as much as Square Enix will allow them in the most recent developer diary that the team has put out that shows just how much work has gone into the map size of Just Cause 3. It looks like a lot more than 400 square miles to be honest.

Not only do we get to see Avalanche Studios talking about all of the work and effort they put into Just Cause 3's map size but also how they altered their tools to make it easier for them to do. Also that they have added even more to them so that "modders" can play around with Just Cause 3 and do what they did in Just Cause 2. That is of course making some really cool mods for the game on the PC version of it all. If only we could get that for the console versions as well. Maybe somewhere in the future but as of now Just Cause 3 will only have those modders for the PC version.

Speaking of, as there is only so much one could say about the map size in Just Cause 3, it sounds like Avalanche Studios has fallen in love with some of the classic mods from before and added them into the game already. Of course they didn't state which mods for Just Cause 2 will be making the leap to Just Cause 3 but I am sure if you Googled them and took the time you could make some great assumptions. Either way it looks like they are thinking about this as well as the verticality of Just Cause 3's maps when building the whole game.

Just Cause 3 — Dev Diary 3 World

What are your thoughts on the size of Just Cause 3's playable map area? Is it large enough for you? Too large? Too small? What mods do you think that Avalanche Studios has already placed into Just Cause 3 based on the past mods? Can you think of some great ones to add in? Let us know and discuss it all in the comments below. I have a feeling that Square Enix is going to make a huge push for Just Cause 3 here soon with more to go on than these fun and small developer diaries. Of course when they do we will have all the news and updates here for you so be sure to keep checking in.