Are You Ready To Rock Band 4? No? Get Your Lessons Now

A new Rock Band 4 video has been released to show off all of the new and improved features that we will get to experience when Rock Band 4 finally launches

Earlier this week we had the full Rock Band 4 track list outlined for us to get us all hyped up. We've also had multiple updates that have detailed all of the new features that Harmonix will be bringing to Rock Band 4 when it launches on the PS4 and Xbox One this October 6th. I could be a dick and tell you to read through all of our older news and updates for Rock Band 4 but it looks like I don't get the chance to as this latest update has all of the Rock Band 4 features and reasons to play in one small package. No bananas are included in this though as it is all Rock Band 4 stuff.

Confused at all? Well don't be as the point here is that the developers over at Harmonix have put together an "Everything You Need To Know" style video for Rock Band 4 that not only shows off the key features of the game but also some of the crazy fun the team has with their work. There is nothing new for those who have been following along with all of the Rock Band 4 updates up until now but, like I said, this is just a fun and concise version of all of that information to help you decide to pre-order or buy Rock Band 4 when it launches here in short time.

Get ready to have fun and learn how to Rock Band 4 in the format of an old 90's-like instructional video. See how weird and fun Harmonix can be when not making just the games we love?

Rock Band 4 — Are You Ready To Rock (Band 4)???? w/ "Kool" Terry Terman

Do you feel like you have all the information ever for Rock Band 4 now? What questions are still burning in your head and want to see Harmonix answer or show off for the game? Do things like this truly sway your thoughts on if you should already have pre-ordered Rock Band 4? Do you have a craving for bananas now? Let us know in the comments below. I am sure there will be more fun like this in the near future as we lead up to and pass the release date for Rock Band 4 so be sure to join us in all of the fun as we have it to spread out to all of you wannabe rockers…

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