Another Resident Evil Spin-Off Is Coming With Umbrella Corps

New spin-off title for the Resident Evil franchise, Umbrella Corps, has been announced and is a third-person competitive shooter set in the franchise's universe

With all of the other Resident Evil spin-offs and update it is no surprise that the next addition to the franchise is Umbrella Corps and that the game is a third-person, team-based, competitive shooter coming to the PS4 and PC sometime early next year. Wait…you were waiting for a Resident Evil 7 and Umbrella Corps is kind of surprise from Capcom? Well Umbrella Corps is what we are getting in way of a non-remake for the RE franchise so we are going to have to deal and maybe, just maybe, enjoy the game now that we have an announcement and our first real look at the game.

Now that we have that out of the way, Umbrella Corps is a new team-based, competitive shooter that will take you and a few friends into the world of Resident Evil sometime after 2003 when the corporation has been shut down and other corporations want to get their hands on the latest in bio-weaponry. In Umbrella Corps you will be one of the Special Forces members that have been thrust into these "experimental battles" to try and take down the other squads as well as all of the horrors that Umbrella have already let loose upon the globe. Because this makes total sense as even the fat cats in Umbrella Corps are worried about the green and not the survival of the human race.

Umbrella Corps has been stated as having multiple levels, modes, and weapons for us to employ based on Capcom's great franchise here. Obviously Raccoon City is going to be a stomping ground but from the following trailer it looks like maps will span all of the titles released to date. Hopefully that means that you will be seeing some of your favorite locations that scare the shit out of you in a different light in Umbrella Corps.

As for modes in Umbrella Corps only one has been talked about so far called "One Life." As you most likely guessed the whole match plays out where you only get one life to live in the round. No respawning or coming back as a bio-weapon in this mode. At least it sounds like Umbrella Corps will have some unique modes not traditionally in these kinds of competitive shooters. Now to speculate on the other modes we'll get to play.

When it comes to the weaponry that we will get to use to kill each other in Umbrella Corps I am guessing the traditional fare will be there but we are also getting some new gear, at least for this franchise. Here is what Capcom has already stated is coming in terms of weapons and then you can see them all in action for Umbrella Corps.

  • The “Brainer” — A powerful melee axe which goes straight into the skull.
  • The Tactical Shield — An arm-mounted guard allowing players to utilize a zombie as cover.
  • Terrain Spikes — Boot-mounted spikes for trampling the enemy.
  • The Zombie Jammer — A device which repels zombies only when active.

Currently Umbrella Corps is being priced at $29.99 USD and will only be a digital game.

Umbrella Corps — 1st Trailer

What are your thoughts on Umbrella Corps here? Would you rather have stayed with all of the Resident Evil remakes and updates or are you glad to see some kind of new IP for the franchise? Were you still hoping for a RE7 from Capcom or do you think that Umbrella Corps is just the stopgap for funds to keep that project secretly moving forward as Umbrella would do? Let us know in the comments and let the discussion fly wild. As Umbrella Corps gets updates we will have them right here for you so be sure to check in as often as a zombie hunts for human flesh.

Umbrella Corps