République Is Sneaking Its Way Onto The PS4 In 2016

If you have not heard of République yet then you are most likely a console gamer and are missing out on many PC and Mac only titles; or iOS and Android at that. Before you click away here though you better read on as it looks like République is coming to the PS4 next year in the remastered state that Camouflaj has already released. Well at least in terms of releasing the four of the five episodes out on Steam for République so far. Yes, this is another episodic title that we can all look forward to next year on the PS4 from GungHo Online.

Before you start grumbling about République being an episodic title do note that the PS4 owners will be getting all five episodes of the game when it does launch in 2016. This is something all of those other gamers out there have been waiting for over the last two years. Three years if GungHo Online doesn't release episode five before it comes to the PS4. Look at that; a nice little bonus for holding out on République which you most likely never heard of but will be getting in one big push next year. Ignorance can be bliss when it comes to things like this can't it? Either that or Camouflaj wants to make more on their stealth-action title here.

République Remastered — Launch Trailer

In République on PS4, players finally take full control of Hope, a young woman held captive inside Metamorphosis, a shadowy totalitarian state ruled by the omnipresent Overseer. By hacking into this secret nation's elaborate surveillance network, players and Hope begin a treacherous and thrilling journey to freedom. Seattle-based Camouflaj developed the game and has received numerous awards including "Excellence in Storytelling" from the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA). République has 87 percent positive reviews on Steam.

How excited are you to hear this about République? Or was this the first you ever heard of this game? Did Camouflaj do too good of a stealth job when making République that it flew under your radar until now? Is that because you are a console player and not a PC/Mac gamer? Let us know in the comments and discuss. Now that GungHo Online has placed République firmly on radars be sure to keep checking in here for more on the title as we get closer to the next episodes to release as well as the newly announced PS4 release for République. Don't let it go into hiding again.