Step Aboard The Avenger Of XCOM 2 & Strategize

You wanted more gameplay for XCOM 2. Well now you are getting more gameplay for XCOM 2. The only thing is that we are not getting the turn-based gameplay but the strategy stuff that Firaxis Games is taking great care into allowing us to micromanage every little aspect of XCOM 2 with. Just what all of us were looking for with the franchise as it moves on from its better titles and leave the crummier ones in the dust. XCOM fans can be so harsh it is kind of a surprise that 2K Games was going to take another chance but I guess they think they will appease all of you.

Back to the task at hand.

In the new gameplay video for XCOM 2 we get to step aboard the mobile base we will be controlling in the game. It is a hijacked alien craft that has been outfitted with damn near everything we could ever want to beat down the opposition in the global war. It actually feels like a cleaner and more advanced version of Fallout Shelter on the surface but made just for XCOM 2. If that makes sense. It most likely doesn't but at least you can see it all for yourself and be the critical judge that Firaxis Games is going to hope you won't be here. Only because XCOM 2 comes out in November and there isn't much time left to address any nitpick that can be thrown together.

I will say that I am liking the structure of it all and while it still boils down to numbers in the background, XCOM 2 looks like it will be engaging and fun to micromanage all of these things. I will say that getting into the minor details of the soldiers you are going to barely get to know in XCOM 2 seems a bit out of sorts but I'm guessing the research was done and it is something the hardcore fans are going to want in XCOM 2. 2K Games had to have done the research to agree to pay for this kind of detail right? Let's hope they did for the sake of XCOM 2 and all those critical fans out there.

XCOM 2 — Welcome To The Avenger

Now that you've seen it does it look like XCOM 2 is going to be a game for you? Do you like how Firaxis Games has handled all of the minute details so far or were you hoping for something different? Did you want to see the turn-based gameplay over the strategy gameplay for XCOM 2 here? Let us know down in the comments and let the discussion begin. Like I said above there isn't much time before XCOM 2 launches so be sure to keep checking in as 2K Games has to have a huge information drop lined up soon and you will want to see it all and we will have it all right here. That means keep checking back for more on XCOM 2.