This Week In Video Games 8/3/15 — 8/7/15

As Gamescom comes to a warp here we too come to wrap up another week in video games. There was so much to take in for this week we didn't get a chance to cover most things that cropped up for the industry at all. We tried our damnedest to do so but we are still just a small and fierce team. When the likes of Rock Band 4, Mad Max, and Final Fantasy XV are hammering us with so much it is hard to cover all video games out there or in the works. Hells, there was also a whole lot of Metal Gear Solid V that was handed out and we were only able to cover so little on it even though it was a huge thing. These conventions for video games are hell; but a fun hell for us here.

Oh hells, I forgot that we also had our first good look at Mafia 3 and Quantum Break in that mix. Oh and Star Wars Battlefront and the next Mirror's Edge. I could go on listing out all of the video games we had updates on here but where would the fun be in that? That is what our nice little list is for so you can pick and choose what video games you want to read, see, and hear about. Unless you want me to get all Homefront on you and force you to read everything and comment with "This is the most amazing game ever" on everything. Because video games love their robots and not the fans right? Wait…it's the opposite there.

Have fun catching up on all things video games that we were lucky enough to cover this week. There will be more next week so be sure to keep checking in and as always: Happy Gaming!

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