Mafia 3 Revealed & Showing Us All What Family Truly Is

We've all been waiting patiently since we first heard about Mafia 3 being on its way and getting a trailer out of Gamescom here. Last week it cause such a stir that all kinds of rumors and speculation flew around the internet about what Mafia 3 that I am sure Hangar 13 had a few good laughs at us all. Only they and 2K Games truly knew what was going on with Mafia 3 but thankfully we've all been let in on the fun as the world reveal trailer for the game has finally landed. Not only that but a slew of new information for Mafia 3 that shows not all of the speculation was too far off and that there really was a lot more planned here than just another Mafia game for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

We'll start things off with what I am sure all of you came here for which would be the Mafia 3 trailer. Word to the wise here though. It looks like this is a pre-rendered trailer for Mafia 3 to give us a bit of the story and a feel for the tone that the game will take. I've seen nowhere claim that this was in-game footage and I am pretty sure that it isn't but who knows. Mafia 3 is releasing sometime in 2016 so it could be give the state of things and what Hangar 13 must be pushing for but we'll still err on the side of caution. None the less have a look at the Mafia 3 reveal trailer even though the game was revealed last week.

Mafia 3 — Worldwide Reveal Trailer

Yea, so… Mafia 3 looks like it is going to be a dark and intense title. Now for all of the things that you may not have been able to get out of the trailer here. We'll mix in a few things you should be able to tell from the trailer here to so 2K won't jump down our throats and make us sleep with the fishes…see…

Mafia 3 will be taking place in New Orleans in 1968. It will come with all of the things we should expect for the era and a Mafia game. That being keeping everything grounded in the timeline there and filled with era-inspired vehicles, fashion, and music. We will be taking on the role of Lincoln Clay, seen in the trailer, who happens to be a Vietnam Vet who has come home only to find out that his surrogate family in the "Black Mob" (2K Games' word not mine) have been murdered by the Italian mob for some reason. This obviously sets him on a course of revenge so it looks like Mafia 3 will be a revenge tale as he gains power and friends to take over or balance out the Underworld in New Orleans. That being the mafia underworld and not the supernatural one.

It has also been revealed by Hangar 13 that Mafia 3's narrative will have a dynamic element to it based on your choices as you play through the game. The city and the other characters will be reacting based on your choices but to what extent has not been stated just yet. I have feeling that will be coming here in the later months as Mafia 3 gets information spread around like wildfire. Just my thoughts and it seems like the normal way that 2K Games handles things like this. Maybe we can get more insider information but I think there will be tight lips on Mafia 3 as we press forward with the development and information releases. At least we got the trailer here right?

I'll say I am a bit curious on the choice to leave the traditional mob style for Mafia 3 here and if it is more gimmick than a new experience choice. I am all for diversity in games and want it to be a real showing of African American history; I just hope Mafia 3 doesn't end up being a "look we made a game featuring a black guy" thing that developer try to do to slightly move away from Caucasian, male protagonists. I guess we'll see in February and which way the Mafia 3 marketing campaign goes. That will be the true telling. I'm hoping it will be a tasteful and accurate as possible telling of events Mafia 3 is supposedly showcasing.

What about you? What do you think about Mafia 3 now that the speculation is put to rest? Are you as interested as I am? Does the New Orleans setting tickle your fancy? Are you hoping for some of the Haitian culture to be mixed in and see both the Mafia underworld and the supernatural one mixed together? Let us know in the comments below. We'll definitely have more on Mafia 3 as 2K Games and Hangar 13 give out the information so be sure to check in and check in often as you won't want to miss them here. We have a nice spin on things that you can't get anywhere else…

Mafia 3