This Week In Video Games 7/13/15 — 7/17/15

It's been an intense last few weeks in video games and the news and I'm sorry we've missed a few recaps for the week. I blame E3 and SDCC for being so closely crammed together and there being so many new video games and experiences to have to cover. We are small but we are mighty when it comes to covering our video games. If we weren't you wouldn't have had those track listings for both Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live to go through here. Or the fact that we are still sifting through the video game news and everything else we have for Black Ops III, Assassin's Creed, and The Walking Dead that we had from last week. Mighty indeed.

Pushing on and upwards as our video games do, we are still hard at work to bring you more news and more reviews. Those conventions and events have us a little behind on a few things but we are catching up. We still have Tales From The Borderlands, Wander, The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, and soon Game Of Thrones all chambered up and going in the review side of things. That's also not taking into account the other great video games on the hot seat and all the general video game news to serve up. Gods I love this industry. Hopefully you do too and are not here just on accident or to silently mock our work here. We'll go with the love of video games.

As with every week, here's what we were able to cover in the world of video games. Have a look through and feel free to comment. Outside of that, Happy Gaming!

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