Dreams Can Come True As Dream Has A Launch Date Now

It looks like dreams can come true as the narrative indie game Dream has an official release date and it is July 31st. This may not seem like a huge deal as it is a smaller title but for Hypersloth Games this is a huge success as they have been trying to get things official for almost two years now. Now Dream is becoming a reality and available for all of those PC gamers out there who are interested in giving this mind-bending adventure title a go. Think of it like diving into the mind of a not-so-mad-man where you will have to overcome the nightmares and dreams he is having.

Here's the official description of Dream and the full announcement trailer for the release date. Watch it and tell me it doesn't look like a fun trip. Take that in any way you possibly can think of.

Journey into the subconscious mind of Howard Phillips, a young man drifting through life after the loss of a beloved family member. Explore mind-bending worlds both fantastic and frightening, beyond the limitations of reality, and help Howard to find his path in life.

Dream — Release Date

I'll fully admit that Dream looks like a fun little title to take our attentions for a short while. I completely love the look and feel of what I am seeing and the fact that Dream is a narrative title I may be giving it a go on my gaming rig just to see how it all pans out. What about you? If nothing else Dream is a great show that if you keep at something dreams can come true just as they did for Hypersloth Games and getting a full release of Dream. How many times can I say Dream here? Let us all discuss down in the comments and post that word many more times here.