Guitar Hero Live Gets Ten More Tracks & A Pre-Order Incentive

Because we all know that we need a solid Guitar Hero Live set-list to work with it looks like we have ten more tracks to add to the list of songs we can rock out to on October 20th. FreeStyleGames has their work cut out for them to do this but as long as they keep the tunes flowing for Guitar Hero Live I doubt anyone will take up issue unless the controllers begin failing out of the box. I don't think that would be their issue and more Activision's but still… None the less we have ten more tracks listed out for us all when Guitar Hero Live launches and we have that wonderful list just a bit further down for you to look at and listen to the tracks in question.

Also, and this makes little sense to me, we have word on the pre-order incentives for Guitar Hero Live. As long as you are looking to pre-order at GameStop for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Wii U versions of Guitar Hero Live you will get a free 30 day Pandora One Premium Trial code. All of which in the vein of allowing you to listen to the tunes of Guitar Hero Live before it launches in a few months. Can we talk about a lame pre-order incentive here? Do people even still use Pandora? I'm guessing so and those people are also assumed to be interested in Guitar Hero Live I guess. At least for the free 30 days.

I am a bit curious on Activision's plans for this and Guitar Hero Live. Why not give us a nice bundle of DLC songs to download on day one of Guitar Hero Live? Or vouchers for a few extra songs only available with pre-order? They could get the same affect by having the people over at FreeStyleGames just post their Spotify playlists over social media and give fans looking for a great Guitar Hero Live experience something truly amazing. Then again…this is just me spouting out thoughts and ideas without anyone to listen and follow up with. Can we not get an exclusive Guitar Hero Live controller for pre-order at least?

Guitar Hero Live — New Tracks

What do you think of the new tracks for Guitar Hero Live though? How about that pre-order incentive? Does it make you want to go out and drop the cash on Guitar Hero Live right now or are you scratching your head as well? Let us know in the comments and maybe we'll get someone on the decision making team over at FreeStyleGames or Activision to question things too. If they do we'll have the updates right here so check in often so you won't miss them when they come. Or at least as we get more tracks for Guitar Hero Live to share out to everyone here.

Guitar Hero Live