This Week In Video Games 5/18/15 — 5/22/15

Thus we wrap yet another week in video game news and updates. Nothing to insane outside of our first look at DOOM and a bit more proof that Fallout 4 is just around the corner. Just around the corner hopefully being E3 but this is the world of video games and we all know how that all works. It never works like we have planned or thought. If only we could all be Batman like is shown in the recent Arkham Knight videos and then we would all be able to know and see what is coming well in advance. Then the mystery of the video games industry would be lost to us all…

Anyways, again we had a fun week in video games and a whole bunch of other new things brought up that were not mentioned above. We had The Witcher 3 release as well as the release date for the next episode of Game Of Thrones from Telltale dropped on us. New characters for Overwatch and Street Fighter V were shown off and a whole bunch of DLC thrown around to keep us all coming back to the video games that have already released but still deserve the love. So many great things in the world of video games.

Have at it now and pick and choose through everything we were able to cover here on the site for this week. Then come back next week as we all know that there will be a slew of new information for all of our hopeful video games as we push ever onward. Happy gaming all!

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