This Week In Video Games 3/9/15 — 3/13/15

This week in video game news can totally be summed up with delays and Mortal Kombat X. Hells, even Mortal Kombat X had a delay announcement for the last gen systems. Nothing like what happened to Uncharted 4 and Homefront being delayed until 2016 but at least nothing was cancelled. This of course is all to go along with the showing off of two titles coming out here soon; Battlefield Hardline and Bloodborne. Like we had any worry on those video games being delayed though…

As per the usual structure here, we have a nice little list showing off all of the video game news, information, and updates that we were lucky enough to cover during the week. There is a lot more than the Mortal Kombat stuff peppered all throughout so I suggest having a look through and seeing what you want. Or look at it all and enjoy the waits. Why would you not want to see all of the video game news that we have to share for you? Don't be selfish or lazy. Get to clicking and surfing.

Hopefully next week is a bit more diverse in the way of video game news but for now happy gaming and enjoy everything we have for you. Someone needs to play all those video games now don't they?

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