See How Mortal Kombat X's Mobile Game Is Going To Handle

It seems to be Mortal Kombat X week over here as we had the character announcements earlier and now we have a nice taste of the mobile game's gameplay. Just below you can see how Mortal Kombat X is going to handle on the Android version of the app but it should be safe to assume that it will run about the same on the iOS version as there doesn't look to be anything platform specific here at all. I'm not an iOS guy so correct me if I am wrong in that statement but if there isn't tapping and swiping allowed there then I am glad to keep with my Android products; with more Mortal Kombat X now.

Here is what we can see for Mortal Kombat X running on an Android. Have a look and see if NetherRealm is going to be taking up more of your time while sitting on the shitter.

Mortal Kombat X — Mobile Gameplay Preview

I am a bit confused on how the characters are fighting before the faux-QTEs pop up on the screen here. Are the matches for Mortal Kombat X Mobile, I'll call it that for now, just automated fights where the user "presses the screen to win?" That is what it looks like here with the screen interactions triggering the characters into performing harsher moves, x-rays, and fatalities. Maybe there is something else we are not seeing in a lower portion of the screen that will be a surprise for Mortal Kombat X Mobile. Maybe not.

None the less, since the actions in Mortal Kombat X Mobile translate over to bonuses for Mortal Kombat X proper I won't knock it too harsh. Mobile apps for Dying Light and Evolve have been great time savers while wasting time. Hope that makes some kind of strange sense to you all. It does for me and I can't wait to get to the fatalities on The John with Mortal Kombat X Mobile until I can get a large enough bathroom to hold my huge flat screen and systems as well. Ah the dream…

So, what do you think of the Mortal Kombat X Mobile footage here? Does it look like a fun add-on to keep us all glued longer to the game than mastering all of the characters? Will you be picking it up? Let us know down in the comments.

Mortal Kombat X