Atlas Is Getting Mugged In Episode 2 Of Tales From The Borderlands

It's been some time since we had the last episode of Tales From The Borderlands hit our gaming machines. I guess it would be the first episode and there has been almost a 5 month gap in between which sadly looks like it is placing Tales From The Borderlands on the same level as releases for The Wolf Among Us. Maybe I am being a bit harsh here but this is one of my favorite titles from Telltale as of late and didn't want to have to wait until March 17th for the second episode. Yes, that is the date that we will be getting the second episode for the game.

As is the usual faire here, with the official release date of the next episode of Tales From The Borderlands we also have a look at what is to come for the characters in the game and world. Something that Telltale managed to perfect on top of what Gearbox had started. At least in the cool and fun storytelling genre and not the action shooter. We all know this though so let's just move right along to the next trailer and episode for Tales From The Borderlands shan't we? Of course we should.

Tales From The Borderlands — Episode 2, 'Atlas Mugged' Trailer

It's sad as I love Tales From The Borderlands so far, but I completely forgot that Rhys was 'hallucinating' Handsome Jack to some degree. I won't mention what happened there for those holding out to play all of Tales From The Borderlands in one shot but I completely forgot about that until now. That is how long we've been waiting for the second episode here. I am glad to see we only have a week to wait now but I hope that Telltale kicks things into gear and churns out the rest of the season in a timely manner. I mean, they do have to have things most completed as there is a teaser at the end of each episode. Right?

How excited are you to hope back into Tales From The Borderlands? Did you lose interest as the gap has been rather large between the debut episode and now? Are you willing to forgive Telltale and Gearbox given how much fun the first episode was? Let us know all of your thoughts on Tales From The Borderlands in the comments below.

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