Rumor Mill: Legend Of Zelda May Be Getting A Live Action Show

It's only been seven years since we had that IGN April Fool's joke about there being a live action Legend Of Zelda film in the works so it is about time we get that all spinning up again right? Of course it is. Only this time it isn't April Fool's Day and this doesn't look like some elaborate hoax to generate web traffic to the IGN website. Especially since all of this speculation and rumor comes from a source that the Wall Street Journal has describing how we could all be getting that joke for real. I love when this kind of stuff works out.

As of right now this is all rumor and speculation that Nintendo and Netflix are not responding to but here's what is being reported from the WSJ for a possible Legend Of Zelda show. First, this is all second hand news for the possible Legend Of Zelda show. Second, this is all based on Netflix being reported to find a writer for the Legend Of Zelda which is slated to be like Game Of Thrones but more "family friendly" when all is said and done. Either that or more Lord Of The Rings-esque. Either way it sounds good for those die-hard fans out there craving a Legend Of Zelda show or film.

Of course this is still all rumor and speculation (How many times can I say that to make sure you all get that?). There is nothing concrete for us to be 100% sure that Legend Of Zelda is coming but if it does you better believe that Netflix and Nintendo will be sharing in some great "treasure baths" with all of the money that nostalgic fans will be throwing their way to make sure they get to see every last minute of the show. That's how it works with Netflix show right?

Not to leave you empty handed and wondering about the possible Legend Of Zelda show, here is that cruel April Fool's joke trailer that IGN punched us all in the dick or vagina with back in 2008. Seriously messed up.

Legend Of Zelda — Movie Trailer

Legend Of Zelda