NightCry First Gameplay Looks Creepier Than The Short Film

Last week we had a look at the live action trailer for NightCry, the Clock Tower spiritual successor, and it was okay. It was meant to help set the tone that Nude Maker is going for with NightCry. In my opinion it didn't do a great job as it felt like a really cheesy made for TV short film and nothing that could hold a candle to my memories of Clock Tower.

Now we have the first bit of gameplay for NightCry and this is what they should have led with when starting up the Kickstarter for NightCry. While I am not too keen on the point and click adventure that NightCry is going to be, the following trailer definitely shows more on the horror and survival side of things that I wished would have been in the Live Action short film. Or you know, we could have skipped the short film and just jumped right into this here. This makes NightCry look a hundred times cooler even though the visuals still kind of look out of the early 2000's.

Here have a look at what I am talking about for NightCry.

NightCry — First Gameplay Trailer

Now this is what I want in my Clock Tower successor. It has the right level of creep. The right level of survival. The right level of bad horror film dialog; although that may be a translation issue between the Japanese and English but none the less just right. Hopefully Nude maker can get the funding to make NightCry look just about right since all of the game mechanics are most likely finished given the point and click nature. Although there could be a lot more to go one with the multiple endings and branching story. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Do you think the gameplay works better for NightCry than the short film? Did it set a better tone for you? Do you even care about NightCry? Let us know below.