Dead Island: Epidemic Has Gone Into Open Beta Now

Good news for all of those who were excited for Dead Island: Epidemic but were not able to participate in any of the closed or past betas for the game. It looks like the game has now entered into a full open beta for all to enjoy. Not only that but it looks like there have been a few new things added into Dead Island: Epidemic to entice us all in joining the Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena, or ZOMBA for those who don't know how to make acronyms. You most likely don't know what PC stands for if you couldn't catch what that acronym meant BTW.

Anyways, not only is Dead Island: Epidemic open and free for all to test via Steam but it looks like there is an all-new PvE mode: Crossroads. Pretty much something that adds in a lot of variation to the Dead Island: Epidemic experience as they level up their global character during play. No more individual leveling here in DI: E. Also it looks like there is no more weapon building for each character as Dead Island: Epidemic has moved to a loot system for modifications to your already crazy weapons. Almost like the whole game got an overhaul in the end.

Dead Island: Epidemic — Open Beta Trailer

If you have yet to play Dead Island: Epidemic then it looks like there is no better time than ever if you want to give it go. Granted free games are not always the best but the Dead Island franchise has generally been on the top tier in my book. Especially when it comes to mindlessly killing zombies in the world. I know I'll be giving the beta a go sometime after this weekend. That is at least if the Dead Island 2 doesn't open up after the PSX here. That is less likely but I can dream…

Dead Island: Epidemic