Looks Like The Monster In Evolve Is Starting To Nest

Until now we've seen the one game mode for Evolve called Hunt. To be honest I thought that this was going to be the only mode with just the maps, characters, and tactics changing to keep things feeling fresh. It looks like now we have a nice look at the latest mode announced for Evolve titled Nest. This is a mode where things get straight flipped up-side-down for all involved as the task is to save or destroy half a dozen little monster eggs scattered around the game's map.

Yep, the hunters now become baby killers in Evolve and every monster becomes a mother. Even though they are all Goliath eggs lying about I guess all of the monsters are the village that will raise them if they can survive the onslaught of the hunter's wrath. That does put a whole different twist on the gameplay mode when you think about it now doesn't it? You baby killers…

It is no assumption either that all of the eggs in this mode for Evolve are Goliath eggs either as one of the mechanics available to the Monster you are playing is to sacrifice one of the eggs to hatch a baby a little prematurely. Said baby is a lower powered version of the Goliath that then turns the whole match from a 4 on 1 to a 4 on 1.5 match. The baby isn't player controlled but it does have the full scope of AI all of the other creatures in Evolve have with all of the crazy buffs and skills above and beyond the basic wildlife.

Evolve — Nest Mode

All jesting aside, it is good to hear that we are getting a few new modes in Evolve and it won't be just hunters trying to kill the monster ad nauseam until we all get bored and move on to the next major title being released. Hopefully we will be seeing more soon and after Evolve launches next year. Even though DLC suck in general, when it makes huge game changing additions it is completely welcome; although I'd rather see more modes crammed in at launch instead.