Just Like The Gameplay, Escape Dead Island Is Sneaking Up On Us

Escape Dead Island releases next week on November 18th for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. Just like the following gameplay clip for the game that date kind of snuck up on us didn't it? It did for me as I could have sworn that we just had the announcement for the game and first looks only a few months ago. Way to creep up on us there and give us all a nice creeper title to give us another bit of fun over the video game launch two weeks.

As we pointed out in past video clips Escape Dead Island isn't all about stealth but it sure is a huge factor for Cliff at least at the beginning of the game. Although the following clip does take us back to the crouching and stealth killing of the undead. This of course has me scratching my head and curious on how crazy everyone in the game's world really is going to be. I mean one of the zombies here is just going about business as usual and not hunting down flesh. Is Cliff just imagining all of these people as zombies then?

Escape Dead Island — Stealth Gameplay Clip

Even though I feel like I've lost track of time on the lead up for Escape Dead Island that does not lower the anticipation for its release. I've been keeping up on the graphic novels too so I can keep fully immersed in the Dead Island lore and mythos. Now in about a week I'll be getting to play out the comic book style of a game that is Escape Dead Island. Am I still the only one excited for this title? I hope not.

Escape Dead Island