WWE 2K15 New My Career Details

WWE 2K15 releases for the PS4 and Xbox One in just a week and 2K just released a new making of trailer detailing WWE 2K15's My Career mode. Perhaps the most anticipated mode in the game this year and it's long overdue. My Career mode tasks you with creating your own superstar and taking him from the WWE performance center to NXT and finally the WWE main roster. It looks like during your career will be able to choose who you want to be and what titles to go for with the exception of the tag team title.

It was confirmed that this is a solo career and you can't go through it as part of a tag team. You can choose to be a fan favorite or heel and what abilities to upgrade along the course of your career. The new WWE 2K15 trailer also shows some new cuteness such as a contract singing with Paul Hayman and Vicki Guerrero as the general manager and Roman Reigns deviling a spear to a created superstar.

My Career mode will take a while to play through as it was confirmed in a resent Q and A for WWE 2K15 that it will feature 15 years of a career that can be played as a face and a heal. The trailer also gives some insight into what real WWE hopefuls go through to train to be a WWE superstar.

2K also released the What A Maneuver trailers part one and two which showcase different moves form a bunch of different superstars. Be sure to check out the trailers below and let us know what you are most excited for when the new gen versions are released on November 18th on the PS4 and Xbox One.

WWE 2K15 — The Making Of My Career

WWE 2K15 — What A Maneuver! Episode 1

WWE 2K15 — What A Maneuver! Episode 2

WWE 2K15