Blizzard Just Announced Their First New IP In A While: Overwatch

It has been about 17 years since Blizzard has moved away from any title that wasn't Diablo, Warcraft, or StarCraft based so it was quite a shock to here that they are working on a new title named Overwatch. This is a team based, first person shooter which is another interesting deviation for the company but not one that isn't going to be welcomed with open arms. I'm not even a huge Blizzard fan who spends all of my time and money on their games and I'll admit what we've seen so far for Overwatch has piqued my interest and garnered my watchful eye.

Like every other title just announced like Overwatch there isn't all too much in the way of details but that is not to say there isn't anything yet. We do know that we will be taking on the role of one of twelve heroes whom fall into one of four classes. Those being Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. After selecting your role you and your team then set out to eliminate the other team with your guns and special weapons and abilities for some objective. So far all that has been seen in gameplay is the objective of holding a location for 'X' amount of time. I'm sure there is more to Overwatch but that is what we've been shown thus far.

Overwatch — Cinematic Trailer

I do find it interesting that all of the characters so far announced for Overwatch are all labeled as Heroes no matter what affiliation they look to be aligned to. The cinematic trailer above definitely defines heroes and villains but the Overwatch site bundles them all together. I attribute that to there not being much known about Overwatch still as it was just shown to the world for the first time not even a day ago at the writing of this. Seeing as the game is available to play on the floor of Blizzcon though I have a feeling we will get a nice flood of new information in the coming days.

If Overwatch has you as interested as it has made me do note that there is a planned beta in 2015 for Overwatch and you can sign up right here. I can't wait to see what Blizzard has for us and like I said, I will have one eye firmly planted on all things Overwatch moving forward.

Overwatch — Gameplay Trailer