Everything You Need To Know To Master Assassin's Creed Unity

I'm sure at some point you may have missed the many different things covered for Assassin's Creed Unity here. There is a whole lot to cover as the game is using the full power of the Xbox One, PS4, and high end PCs after all. Ubisoft gets that and so do we. To make sure you the fans know what is going on in Assassin's Creed Unity there is a whole new trailer for the game that covers every aspect of the game in a general sense so you can see enough to finalize your choice to pick up ACU at launch or not.

It would be just plain boring if all that was covered in this Assassin's Creed Unity trail was what we already have the ins and outs of so I guess it is good that there is a bit more on Time Anomalies that were just introduced recently. In fact it is completely confirmed that the first one that we've seen will thrust Arno into WWII France where we will get to kill some Nazis. Who would have thought to put Nazis in a video game for us to kill and all? Very original and just what is needed in the video game world as well as Assassin's Creed Unity.

Jesting aside now.

I am curious as to why Assassin's Creed Unity will be adding that timeline into the mix and not some other one. Granted that is all based on what we've seen thus far and there could be other time travel sections for Arno but as of now it is to kill some Nazis. I guess we can still hope for some other era but I doubt that will be as it looks like France is going to be the location no matter the time and there are only so many eras that gamers will be able to know in the country so I think I'm back to the negative side there once again.

Assassin's Creed Unity — Overview Trailer

Assassin's Creed Unity comes out next week on November 11th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Here's hoping that the franchise is revitalized with the new addition. We'll see soon…

Assassin's Creed Unity