Have A Nice Halloween Clip From Escape Dead Island

If you haven't been able to catch the livestream events for Escape Dead Island nor make the trade shows in the UK then you most likely haven't seen much in the way of gameplay. I was rather blown away with what I saw during SDCC but that doesn't really help you get a grasp on Escape Dead Island for when it launches on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 18th. You crave visuals and live play don't you?

Well we have some new gameplay for you to check out for Escape Dead Island and it is a bit that we have yet to see for the game to date. Up until now we have seen Escape Dead Island to be a stealth kind of title as the main character isn't immune to the zombie virus. Escape Dead Island has yet to be labeled as just a stealth title but until the following video we have yet to see any of the action aspect of the game. I am glad to see that it is right up to the same level we have come to expect for a Dead Island title.

Escape Dead Island — Gameplay Clip

I am a bit curious now on how they explain Cliff not being infected when he is hit in the action like this in Escape Dead Island. The Baraka looking zombie here gets a few good licks in on Cliff so that question totally needs to be raised. I'm sure that it will be covered when Escape Dead Island is fully released but the whole not immune thing doesn't look to be present in this new bit of gameplay. Maybe he is just ultimately too crazy by this point in the game.

We only have a few more weeks until Escape Dead Island launches so hopefully we will get a bit more action style gameplay to show the world. I know that if Escape Dead Island stays completely a stealth title that could alienate some of the fan base for the franchise but not an unwelcomed one.

Escape Dead Island