Mortal Kombat X Is Getting A Comic Book Next Year

We still have to wait until April 14th of 2015 to get our hands on Mortal Kombat X but we may only have a few months to wait to start getting some of the new story for the game and its new characters. It was announced at NYCC that DC Entertainment is working on a Mortal Kombat X comic book that will cover all the ins and outs of what lead up to the game's main story line. It was announced that the comic would be covering many of the favorite characters in the franchise as well as some of the new "Kombatants." As to which ones, if some are being left out, it was not mentioned.

As of right now the Mortal Kombat X is being written by Shawn Kittelsen with Dexter Soy and Ivan Reis to have their art gracing the pages and covers. All of which is currently scheduled to come together into a nice comic book form sometime in January next year. How much of the story and how involved it will be is also up in the air in ways of announcements as there was nothing let loose outside of the project getting up and going.

Mortal Kombat X - Comic Book Sub Zero Mortal Kombat X - Comic Book Scorpion

I am a bit curious on if the Mortal Kombat X comic book will be 100% canon with the game's story line as it is said to be a prequel but that would require all the gaming fans out there to make the leap into comic fandom to get the full story. Granted most gamers tend to be comic book fans but it seems a bit odd to bring the story explaining why everyone is out to murder each other in Mortal Kombat X in a medium that some may miss out on. Maybe a pre-order bonus in the works that just hasn't been announced? Could be. That or a kollector's edition add-on for those who truly want all the lore there is to offer for Mortal Kombat X.

I guess we'll see in the coming months…

Mortal Kombat X