Styx: Master Of Shadows & The Attack Of The Clone…

We are coming up on the launch month for Styx: Master Of Shadows so it is time to see a bit more in depth on the special attacks and abilities that we will get to employ when we fire this bad boy up on our PS4, Xbox One, or PC. We've seen how Styx can get all Assassin's Creed-like in the past so it is time that we see how he uses his own personal "co-op" to get around the castles and dungeons. This time we get to see the clone attack/ability for Styx: Master Of Shadows.

Wouldn't you know it; we have it all in video form as well so we don't have to go into speculations or second-hand descriptions. We can see it all in action and get more excited for Styx: Master Of Shadows. As each new little bit for the game comes out I know I get more and more excited to join Styx in his attempt to reclaim the power of his race. That is why he is going to towns and murdering guards and stealing everything that isn't nailed down right?

Just as I said above the video here, this new look has me even more excited for Styx: Master Of Shadows to launch. Although as we are only a few weeks out from October, which is still the release window, it seems odd that there still is not a solid date for Styx. You would think that would be nailed down already or that there would have been an announcement that Styx: Master Of Shadows has gone gold. The game looks polished quite enough but the hold out on the date makes it seem like things may get pushed back. That or we can expect Styx sometime near the end of the month. Who knows but the publisher…?

Once the release date is locked down we will update you all with the new info for Styx. Until then do enjoy the fun looks at the game.