You Can't Escape These New Escape Dead Island Screenshots

If there is one title still to come this year that I am overly excited for it is Escape Dead Island from Fatshark and Deep Silver. At SDCC the game looked like so much fun with an amazing twist on the franchise as a whole. All that said, you best know that I would get all tickled red when a few new screen shots crop up for all of us to gander and speculate over. That is just what we have a bit lower on the page for you at that.

I'll shut it for now so we can take a look at the new screens for Escape Dead Island. Let's see what is new and in store for us when it launches later this year.

Escape Dead Island Escape Dead Island Escape Dead Island

Wait a second… Is that Xian Mei mixed into Escape Dead Island? It sure as hell looks like she is the game given the above screenshots. To what degree or if it isn't just some weird head trip event for Cliff is still to be determined but the survivor looks to be fully in the mix of Escape Dead Island's story to some degree. Some of you may think this not so out of place but so far it has been explained that Cliff never made it to the island that Dead Island took place on but one of the outlaying ones. Mark me down as extremely interested still as it looks like there will be more than just little blips of the Dead Island crew now in Escape Dead Island.

I'm going to be keeping an even closer eye on Escape Dead Island as we move closer to a prospective release date. Of course we will update everyone here as we get further details and more than just a few screenshots for the game. Hopefully the above words were able to dictate how excited I am for this game. Are you too?