PAX East Interview: Charlie Murder

Here are some highlights from the interview. For the full interview, listen below.

AggroGamer: For those who don't know too much about Charlie Murder or SKA Studios, fill us in.

James Silva: So, Charlie Murder is a four-player beat 'em up, punk rock apocalypse themed, uh… I guess I already said "beat 'em up." Ha ha! I should have my elevator pitch down by now… It has a lot of RPG elements, a lot of loot grinding in a good way.

Michelle Juett Silva: We're calling it a "Brawl-PG" because it's a lot of brawler (elements) but also there is a whole lot of RPG stuff to it, like a lot of loot, magic and skills involved, leveling up, the whole thing.

JS: Yeah, and it's all themed around amazing stuff in the past that we love, like horror movies, punk rock, horror movies starring punk rock people, (like) Return Of The Living Dead.


JS: Yeah, like the part when the zombie bites the guys head with the mohawk?

AG: Yeah, those movies were amazing.

JS: It's got all the stuff we love and there is a ton of meaning it in and it's just an amazing co-op game to play with your friends. There's team strategy at work. You can also just button mash it if you really want to, but it gets a ton deeper pretty fast.

Here is the full interview.