The Thunder King Is Coming To World Of Warcraft

5.2 Features a whole new raid with thirteen new bosses. We haven't seen that many bosses in a single raid since The Fall of the Lich King in patch 3.3. A new daily quest hub is also featured, along with many updates, class balancing and much more.

I took a break from World of Warcraft for a month or so, but rest assured I will definitely be coming back for this patch. It looks so awesome and intense. Along with some great lore that I always love to experience. No release date for 5.2 has been announced but many say that it will be hitting live servers either on March 5th or on March 12th. The current PvP season ends on March 5th and usually that means that a new patch hits either on that day or a week or so after. I hope you are all prepared.

"Gather heroes, sound the drums. The Thunder King comes, the Thunder King comes."

Here's the trailer.

For more information and details about the upcoming patch, visit the World of Warcraft official website.