Review: Serious Sam Double D XXL

The graphics are unique. I can't really put my finger on the style but it feels cartoony and light hearted. They are not the best but to be quite honest I don't give a rat ass about graphics. As long as a developer can portray the emotion or the story in a great way then I don't care if I'm dealing with 8-bit graphics. There is a lot of blood and gibs in the game too. This is always a plus in my book.

The enemies are basic Serious Sam enemies; Gnars, Kleers, Beheaded Kamikazis etc… But SSDDXXL has some new ones like Chimputees, jetpack wielding chimps that have had their arms cut off and replaced with an Axe and a bazooka that shoots explosive bananas. Then there are the Firebomb Kittens which I really don't know how to explain what the holy hell these things are. They're basically half a kitten attached to a floating acid bomb and they just happen to shoot fire balls. Hilarious, over the top, and random. The Serious Sam way. Oh, did I mention there are going to be a lot of enemies?

The sound quality is good and the music is really nice, changing from the Egyptian styled themes from the first Serious Sam game to some hardcore heavy metal during boss fights. Definitely some good stuff. The guns all sound nice and have their signature sounds from the previous Serious Sam games.

There are a lot of secrets throughout SSDDXXL. I wouldn't doubt it if there was at least fifty in the whole game.

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the Gunstacker. Basically it's a robotic arm that lets you stack guns on top of each other. So you can have a Chainsaw with a shotgun, Tommy gun, rocket launcher, and a grenade launcher on top. Trust me, it sounds insane but you need insanity to get through this game. Each gun has four different upgrades and each upgrade is very different from the others. You can also get up to four types of the same gun, if you can find them. How convenient. Gunstacking gets pretty awesome later on in the game, especially with certain upgrades. You can have up to six different weapon stacks, each with six guns, and you can have multiples of each gun. So a Chainsaw, with four Rocket Launchers and a Laser Gun. Yeah, the possibilities are awesome.

I really did enjoy SSDDXXL but I wish it was a bit longer. Different difficulties, challenge arenas/levels, and co op make up for that though. For only $10 USD/800 MSP I feel that SSDDXXL was well worth it, tons of fun.

And then there is this.

Serious Sam Double D XXL

Serious Sam Double D XXL was developed by Mommy's Best Games and published by Devolver Digital. Released on February 20th, 2013 for XBLA. A copy of the game was purchased on XBLA by myself for review purposes. I played on normal and had tons of fun.