Epic Fail

As you can tell, this is all about "epic fails" I want to know what is your most embarrassing, stupid and outright disastrous fails within the world of video games. I know we all have gone through an epic fail or twenty in order to get to our current level of awesome. So I invite you all to share with the world as I have one, two of the biggest fails you have some how managed to commit within the realm of video games.

Here is an epic fail that my friend managed to do:

So my friend PV and I used to play Resident Evil 5 co-op a lot. One day as we were playing one of the boat levels, PV got a great idea to throw a grenade through the window and kill the enemies within the room. Trying to save us some ammo and potentially some health herbs I agree to what PV has to say: "Oh hey, hold up I got an idea." He equips his grenade, aims and throws it at the window. In a moment of pure physics fail the grenade bounces off the window and lands behind us, exploding and nearly killing us both.