World Of Warcraft 4.3 Dungeons Part 1

The Great Dragon Aspect; Nozdormu The Timeless has devised an unorthodox and highly dangerous strategy along with Thrall and the other Dragon Aspects to finally destroy Deathwing once and for all, and they need your help. With the leader of The Twilight's Hammer; Cho'Gall dead, Ragnaros and Al'Akir purged and Sinestra, Nefarian and Onyxia finally laid to rest; it seems the only dark cloud over Azeroth's horizon now is Deathwing himself.

Now, before Nozdormu can grant you the power to travel back in time to find the Dragon Soul. We must first travel forwards in time to find out whom or what is blocking Nozdormu's ability to go into Azeroth's past.

Enter the portal to End Time, only one of the infinite potential of outcomes in Azeroth's future. This outcome showcases the grim and desolate future of Azeroth should its defenders fail in stopping Deathwing. You are thrown into Dragonblight, what's left of it anyways. The once beautiful frozen land is now in ruins, scorched by Deathwings eternal hatred, ash and char are all that remain. Even the mighty Wyrmrest Temple lays in ruins, impaled on the top of the temple is the remains of Deathwing, lava still pouring out of his molten corpse.

Before confronting the creature responsible for disrupting Nozdormu's access to the past, you must fight the ones who used to lead you, the ones you trusted so dearly. A time-twisted echo of Sylvanas waits restlessly within the Ruby Dragonshrine, eager to unleash her unholy fury at anything unlucky enough to still live within these barren wastes High Priestess Tyrande endlessly wanders the desolate future of Azeroth, engulfed in unending darkness. She is forever separated from the loving arms of Elune's light, torn by the doubtful questions that stir within her mind, driving her mad by the simple fact that her goddess did nothing to stop Deathwings reign of terror.

The tormented soul of Jaina Proudmoore has been split and placed within the shattered pieces of her staff; you must collect the fragments, repair her staff and finally bring her soul peace. His inability to protect Azeroth and most importantly the Horde has filled Blaine Bloodhoof with unyielding rage and guilt, within the ruins of the Obsidian Dragonshrine he waits to unleash his rage and regret on a suitable Martyr.

After defeating at least two of these time-warped echoes, whose presence is still a mystery, even to Nozdormu? The psychotic figure disrupting Nozdormu's power reveals himself at the Bronze Dragonshrine, a mysterious dragon known as "Murozond" you must defeat him and give the heroes of Azeroth the opportunity to avoid this hellish outcome.

Part 2 is on the way. Look out for The Well of Eternity!